Chameza Golf originally started out in the earthworks sector back in the 1970s, when it specialised in forestry and public works in the province of Malaga, which became its habitual place of work. In the 1980s, the company also moved into the water supply sector, supplying water for human consumption and for irrigation purposes.

The different sectors gradually complemented one another and Chameza continued with its different activities until well into the 1990s. It was during this period that the company realised that all the sectors in which it operated were also part of golf course construction. So it decided to move into this market, specifically earthworks and artistic landscaping, and this has been its main activity since 2001.

Three years later, in 2004, Chameza decided to make the jump into the construction of complete golf courses and purchased all the necessary golf course construction machinery. It renews this machinery continually in order to offer the best professional service possible.